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The Consejo de Acreditación de la Enseñanza de la Ingeniería, Asociación Civil (CACEI - Accreditation Council for Engineering Education) was formally constituted on July 6, 1994, as a civil association whose governing body is constituted by its General Assembly of Associates. The current 19 associates represent institutions of higher education; professionals from engineering chapters; the federal government, represented by the General Directorate of Professions; and the productive sector, through the corresponding chambers and international organizations of engineering professionals.

CACEI is the first accrediting body that was established in Mexico and plays a significant role, as it contributes to the improvement of the quality of engineering education and provides timely, pertinent and objective information, which is of great value to educational institutions, students, faculty, graduates, employers, and parents. CACEI’s objective is to help Mexican society in the promotion of social development, based on the education of engineers graduated from programs recognized by their quality.

General Assembly of Associates:

The General Assembly of Associates is the supreme organ of the Association and is responsible for:

  • Discuss and, if necessary, approve the report of activities submitted by the General Director, after issuing the report of the Commissioner.
  • Resolve upon the matters submitted to the General Director.
  • Appoint and revoke the members of the Board of Directors and the General Director in the terms of its Bylaws.
  • Discuss, modify and, if necessary, approve the annual work plan and the financial budget poposed by the General Director.
  • Oversee compliance with the Bylaws (Estatuto), the regulations, as well as the agreements and decisions taken by the General Assembly of Associates.
  • Grant, revoke and replace powers; and
  • All those activities that are considered in the Bylaws.

Also, it is granted the power to:

  • Dissolve the Association.
  • Change the purpose of the Association.
  • Transform the Association or merge it with another or other associations or societies.
  • Appoint and also revoke the members of the Executive Council and the General Director regarding these Bylaws.
  • Take all decisions that modify the Bylaws.

Currently, the General Assembly of Associates is integrated by 20 associates:

  • Civil Engineering Chapter, Zacatecas
  • National Association of Schools of Engineering (ANFEI)
  • General Directorate of Professions – SEP
  • National Center for Evaluation of Higher Education (CENEVAL)
  • Vice President – National Chamber of Consulting Firms (CNEC)
  • Civil Engineering Chapter, Chiapas
  • Civil Engineering Chapter, Chihuahua
  • Civil Engineering Chapter, Jalisco
  • Civil Engineering Chapter, Mexicali
  • Civil Engineering Chapter, Cozumel
  • Civil Engineering Chapter, Sinaloa
  • Civil Engineering Chapter, Yucatán
  • National Association of Mining, Metalurgic and Geologist Engineers
  • National Association of Geological Engineers
  • National Association of Industrial Engineers
  • National Association of Mechanical and Electrical Engineers
  • National Association of Petroleum Engineers
  • National Association of Chemist and Chemical Engineers
  • Regional Director of Latinoamerica and the Caribean - Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)
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