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Mission and Vision


To contribute to the improvement of the quality of engineering education through the training of professionals who carry out the evaluation and the accreditation processes, with international recognition, of undergraduate engineering programs offered by public and private institutions both in Mexico and abroad, with quality, transparency, confidentiality, professionalism, and honesty.


CACEI by the year 2020:

  • Will be an accrediting body internationally recognized for the quality of the services it offers, the transparency of its processes and reliability of results, as well as the professionalism of its evaluators;
  • Will be characterized by offering to the Institutions of Higher Education a quality service, through the advice and training of faculty;
  • Will have certified processes according to international quality standards; and
  • Will be linked to the productive and academic sectors, as well as to international accreditation bodies of the Engineering area.

Quality Policy:

All those belonging to CACEI are committed to provide services as part of an accrediting body, recognized nationally and internationally for its quality when conducting evaluation processes, towards the accreditation of undergraduate engineering programs. Also, for the training of academic staff who meet the requirements, and the needs and exceed the expectations of Public and Private Higher Education Institutions. Verifying the standards established for quality programs; through the implementation of a Quality Management System that guarantees the continuous improvement of its services and processes with transparency, professionalism, and ethics, through the following

Quality objectives:

  • To be internationally recognized as an accrediting body that meets international standards.
  • Provide permanent quality services through the training of academic groups who carry out both evaluation and accreditation processes with international recognition of undergraduate engineering programs.
  • Become certified with the international standard ISO 9001: 2015.
  • To increase reach out and linkage with society through the committed participation of CACEI, generating and promoting projects and actions through strategic alliances with the different social actors for their benefit, mainly focusing on the proposal of public policies associated with the improvement of the quality of education for engineers and TSU
  • Provide relevant information to the different stakeholders (students, HEIs, parents, employers, and subsystems of higher education), which contributes to their decision-making.
  • Improve management of resources (human, material, financial) and services, with an emphasis on transparency, to allow ethical and quality management, decision-making based on the current normative framework and contribute to a favorable organizational climate.
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