Innovar con calidad hacia el
reconocimiento internacional

María Elena Barrera Bustillos

General Director's CV


Mérida, Yucatán

Academic Degrees

  • Chemical Engineering and Masters Degree on Higher Education with a minor on Institutions and Curriculum Management by Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán (UADY).
  • Specialization on Educational Institutions Management by INAP and ANUIES.
  • Certification as Evaluator for Latin America of educational programmes by Unión de Universidades de América Latina (UDUAL).

Distinctions and posts

  • Coordinator of ANUIES panel on "Evaluación de la calidad, responsabilidad social e internacionalización" (Quality Evaluation, social responsibility and internalization).
  • Coordinator of Technical Commission Study Plan Model of the Consultant Council of Engineering in SEP Dirección General de Profesiones.
  • Coordinator of Comisión de Coordinación de los Organismos de Evaluación de la Educación Superior (COCOEES for its initials in Spanish) group of educational programmes and member of the institutional accreditation group.
  • Evaluator in CONACYT, CIEES and Programa Integral de Fortalecimiento Institucional (PIFI for its initials in Spanish).
  • Member of EXIL CBI Consejo Técnicos in CENEVAL.
  • Member of Consejo Directivo de Impulso Universitario, A. C., and FORDEBEC on national level.
  • Member of Consejo Consultivo de Ingeniería in Dirección General de Profesiones in SEP.
  • External Consultant in various public and private universities.
  • PROMEP Profile Teacher.
  • Engineer of Distinction, acknowledged by Veracruz State in 2014.


  • Member of several EXANI and EGEL Consejos Técnicos in CENEVAL.
  • Juror in ANUIES Premio a la Mejor Tesis de Maestría and Premio a la Calidad in Yucatán.
  • UADY Headmaster in Facultad de Educación.
  • Area Director in EGEL Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades in CENEVAL
  • General Director of Relaciones Institucionales in CENEVAL.

Brief professional experience description

  • High school, bachelor degree and post degree teacher in several national institutions.
  • Post-degree Tutor of more than 40 candidates.
  • Thesis Director of over 60 research projects.
  • Co-author of seven books
  • Author of nine book chapters in various languages
  • Author of over 170 lectures presented nationally and internationally.
  • Consultant on curricula design and evaluation of several educational programmes nationwide.
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Av. Presidentes 34B, Col. Portales Oriente
Del. Benito Juárez, México, D. F. C. P. 03570