Innovar con calidad hacia el
reconocimiento internacional


International agreements:

At present CACEI has aimed at internationalization as one of its strategic labour targets for medium and short term as well as permanent updating by keeping in touch with accreditation processes in other regions.

Current international agreements:

Agencia Nacional de Evaluación de la Calidad y Acreditación de España (ANECA for its initials in Spanish)

  • Workshop for training peer assessors on EUR-ACE
  • Workshop for institutions aiming at being awarded EUR-ACE
  • Agreement to drive pilot plan with three public universities in Mexico (UASLP, UADY and UANL) to be awarded EUR-ACE for greatest educational quality in the European Community

Consejo Nacional de Acreditación de Chile (CNA for its initials in Spanish)

  • A file with the name of assessors was sent to the CNA after the call for registering Foreign Assessors and thus to integrate it within the Public Register of Peer Assessors.

Universidad de Valparaiso, Chile

  • It was given a lecture and a workshop on accreditation processes, the accreditation process in Mexico and the accreditation of engineering teaching (CACEI).

Agencia de Acreditación Qualitas de Chile

  • Cooperation agreement to share assessors participating in accreditation processes.
  • Workshop for training assessors for Chilean accreditation processes imparted by Quálitas.

Agencia Acreditadora Colegio de Ingenieros de Chile S.A.

  • Cooperation agreement to share assessors and impart counselling for modification and amendments to Acredita CI Framework of Reference.

Agencia Acreditadora Privada de Chile AcreditAcción

  • Cooperation agreement to participate in accreditation processes between AcreditAcción and CACEI.

Sistema Nacional de la Acreditación de la Educación Superior, Costa Rica

  • A file with the name of assessors was sent to SINAES so as to be integrated in a file of international consultants and thus be enabled to carry out external assessment.

Other international activities

We have expanded our scope of action beyond our borderlines assessing educational programmes in other Latin American nations and establishing cooperation agreements with foreign organizations. For Mexican Higher Education Institutions, CACEI accreditations stand as a pre-requirement to be awarded ABET certifications since we have the recognition of this important agency. As well and as part of this internationalization strategy, we are undergoing the incorporation process to international organizations such as the Red Iberoamericana para el Aseguramiento de la Calidad en la Educación Superior (RIACES for its initials in Spanish) and The Washington Accord, this being a chapter of The International Engineering Alliance.
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